Your Outsourced Government Guaranteed Lending Department

Innovative Financing Solutions (IFS) is an experienced SBA and USDA Lender Service Provider that develops outsourced government-guaranteed lending solutions for community banks, mid-size regional banks, and credit unions.

IFS’s Value Proposition

IFS’s relationship-focused, value-added approach provides our lending clients with innovative solutions designed to meet their customers’ financing needs and business objectives. As the lender’s SBA and USDA consultant we provide:

  • Knowledge and Expertise – IFS possesses significant government lending knowledge and expertise in order to be considered a trusted and effective liaison between the lender and the government agency.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability – IFS understands the lender’s business model, regional brand and go-to-market strategy – and possesses the flexibility required to design a program that effectively fits into the lender’s unique business model.
  • Full Range of Services – IFS provides a full range of support services including eligibility assessment, loan structuring, credit analysis/underwriting, loan closing, loan review, administrative support, post-closing compliance, and ongoing servicing administration – all designed to ensure the quality and integrity of the bank’s loan portfolio.
  • Responsiveness – IFS consistently provides strong support, as well as prompt and timely follow up. The ability to be highly responsive to senior management, the lending and support/administrative staff, and the borrowers is imperative.

IFS Offers a Comprehensive SBA and USDA Platform with a Variable Cost Basis

Our expert banking consultants know that many smaller financial institutions don’t have the loan volume, industry expertise or support staff necessary to implement a full range of SBA and USDA government loan programs. We formed IFS so you don’t have to let borrowers and depositors walk away unsatisfied.

You can hire the banking consultants at IFS to act as your outsourced government-guaranteed lending arm and reap the benefits without being saddled with additional fixed overhead.

The Obstacles

Are you wary of introducing commercial government loan programs to your clients and prospects? That’s understandable if your staff doesn’t possess the knowledge, expertise, or enough hours in the day to execute a successful program. Given the host of specific guidelines, requirements, processes and procedures you need to understand, it’s not surprising that larger regional banks and non-bank lenders are often better equipped to offer these programs.

How to Break Through the Obstacles

Financial institutions like yours can compete by outsourcing commercial government-guaranteed lending to IFS. We help with SBA 7(a) loans, SBA 504 and USDA Business & Industry/Community Facility loans.

With IFS as your department for commercial government-guaranteed loans:

  • You should never worry whether your borrowers’ eligibility or if loans are structured to meet program guidelines.
  • You can leave the processing, underwriting and analysis to us.
  • For SBA 7 (a) loans, you can rest assured that all documentation is completed and requirements for ongoing loan servicing are met.

In short, your government-guaranteed loan program takes care of itself.

You’re in Control

IFS will create a customized solution that meets your needs. Whether you are just getting started or have an existing program, our services can be customized to meet your financial institution’s needs.

You steer the ship. Whether it is a credit decision or a decision to keep loans in your portfolio versus selling in the secondary market where sizeable premium and servicing income can be realized, you are in control.

A Trouble-Free Profit Stream

It’s the easy way to increase bank profitability because:

  • IFS is your back office, so you save money by not hiring additional loan processors.
  • You maximize your ROI because you only pay IFS when services are needed.
  • You get up and running quickly because IFS has the back office already in place.
  • Compliance is worry free with IFS keeping your portfolio within agency guidelines and regulations.
  • IFS assists in quick decisions on each transaction, assuring no time is lost pursuing ineligible loans.

Let’s Get Started

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