The purpose of this Notice is to revise the guidance provided in SBA Procedural Notice 5000- 823852, “Guidance on the Implementation of the Section 1112 Debt Relief Program for the 7(a) and 504 Programs, Including the Availability of Funds for Section 1112 Payments and the Return of Payments Made for Ineligible Loans; and on Loan Increases Requested on or after  October 1, 2021”, effective December 6, 2021, with respect to requests for 7(a) loan increases that were approved on or before December 27, 2020. In the Notice, SBA announced that for any 7(a) loan that was approved on or before September 30, 2021, SBA will not approve any request for an increase to the 7(a) loan on or after October 1, 2021.