In response to lender liability claims and disagreements between borrowers, lenders and regulators, Mike Ryan, President and CEO of Innovative Financing Solutions, seized on an opportunity. As a former Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer, Ryan decided to use his 33 years of experience to help financial institutions and business borrowers dealing with challenging commercial lending, legal and regulatory issues, as well as law firms handling banking and lending related issues.

As a result, Ryan and a team of banking and finance executives possessing over a century of combined lending and banking expertise, formed the nationwide consulting firm, Commercial Credit Consulting Group, LLC (CCG).

The CCG team offers a variety of consulting and advisory services including, but not limited to: lender liability, bankruptcies and fraud, loan forbearance and loan workouts, banking regulations and compliance, negligence/gross negligence issues, credit policy and loan administration, credit support, loan workout and collections, insider dealings and conflicts, and loan documentation review.

The primary focus of CCG is to provide litigation support and expert services to law firms in banking and lending related matters. “Going forward, we see certain weaknesses within the commercial lending sector that include aggressive lending, uncertain economic conditions, and continued strict regulatory oversight and compliance requirements contributing to disagreements between borrowers, lenders and regulators. As a result of CCG’s combined knowledge and expertise, we are well-positioned to provide expert witness consulting and testimony, forensic document review, analysis and opinion and mediation services,” said Ryan.

CCG’s President and CEO Mike Ryan is also President and CEO of Innovative Financing Solutions (IFS), a consulting firm serving financial institutions and business borrowers primarily located within the northeastern to southeastern U.S. IFS was recently recognized as one of the Top 100 fastest-growing, privately-held organizations by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia and a Philadelphia100 Award Winner. Joining Ryan at CCG are Senior Vice President Joseph Magley, a commercial lender with 29 years of commercial banking experience; Senior Advisor Stuart Greenberg, an expert lending consultant with over 25 years of experience as an expert witness; and Senior Advisor Robert Schweitzer, a former bank CEO and commercial and real estate lender responsible for central North America for a major commercial bank.

To learn more about Commercial Credit Consulting Group’s extraordinary, comprehensive, hands-on approach to serving the needs of law firms, financial institutions, and business borrowers, visit or call (610) 733-9955.